Immortals Graphic Novel Art Gallery Opening

Tarsem Singh‘s upcoming stylized epic action pic Immortals is gaining momentum this week with Relativity’s announcement that it will be unveiling Immortals-based graphic novel art at three select gallery openings. Austin will get a peek at the ‘Immortals: Gods and Heroes’ artwork on September 24th, smack in the middle of Fantastic Fest 2011 mayhem and fun, with the gallery unveiling of ‘Immortals: Gods and Heroes–Art from the Graphic Novel’.

The ‘Immortals: Gods and Heroes’ gallery event in Austin this weekend is one of three openings, the other two unveiling in L.A. and New York. Immortals actor Daniel Sharman, who plays the god Ares in the film, will be hosting the event.

Back in April Relativity Media and Archaia Entertainment announced a plan to produce and publish a graphic novel anthology based on the film Immortals. The hardcover anthology will include original stories and artwork by a collection of talented illustrators, including Ben Templesmith (’30 Days of Night’), Dennis Calero (‘Dark Tower’), Steve Ellis and Rafael Kayanan.

Immortals is shaping up to be one massive release, and with plenty of highly stylized violence and visuals a la 300 it will probably draw the same crowd and success. This Greek action epic of a battle between the mythological Titans and humanity is set to hit theaters on November 11th.

Singh’s work on visually intriguing pics like The Cell bodes well for Immortals. From the look of the trailers, not only is it highly artistic, but it employs ample use of green screens and other film tricks to create a fantastic universe that is sure to provide plenty of eye-appeal (though I can’t vouch for the storyline or dialogue). And with a cast that includes upcoming Superman reboot star Henry Cavill, as well as John Hurt, Mickey Rourke, Luke Evans and Stephen Dorff, this pic is one to keep an eye on.