First Close-Ups Of Superman On Man Of Steel Set Are Too Close

Thanks to Think McFly Think, we now have a very, very close-up view of what Superman will look like in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel. The images of star Henry Cavill on the set surfaced on a forum, and in them, we see Cavill posing to fight, chilling with the crew, and getting his make-up fixed. A first official image of the Man of Steel has been out and about since the beginning of this month, and these pictures match it. Let’s just say they are a bit…bulgier.

I’m going to be completely honest here when I say that these pictures, while they definitely embody Superman, look kind of like if the CGI Green Lantern had a baby with a wet suit who wanted to be Superman for Halloween. Maybe it will translate better through film as opposed to through these sneaky, behind the scenes photographs.

Cavill certainly looks like a superhuman though. Is that really his left arm in the first picture? I’m starting to wholeheartedly support his casting decision. He looks like a Ken doll “perfect man” in the last image, with his obscene arms and defined chin and all.

In conclusion, although Henry Cavill seems like a perfect Clark Kent, this Man of Steel Superman suit seems slightly laughable. What do you think?