An Awesome DC Comics Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

The Dark Knight

An incredible DC movie is dominating Netflix today.

Superhero fans were excited to find out that two thirds of Christopher Nolan’s unbeatable Dark Knight trilogy were coming to the streaming giant’s library on March 1st. Yes, both 2005’s Batman Begins and 2008’s The Dark Knight are now up on the platform, leaving just 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises unaccounted for. And according to FlixPatrol’s stats, The Dark Knight is the seventh most popular movie on Netflix in the United States this Wednesday.

Of course, it’s not a shock that users have been flocking to watch the film for probably the 100th time, given that it’s viewed as possibly the finest comic book movie ever for a reason. Even 13 years after its release, during which time there’s been an explosion of superhero content, it still stands unmatched in the opinion of a lot of fans.

Take that time it trended on social media last December, for example. On that occasion, tweeters proclaimed The Dark Knight to be the best superhero flick of the lot. Then, in January, the sequel entered the conversation again as fans remembered Heath Ledger’s tremendous performance as the Joker on the anniversary of his death. Indeed, Ledger’s portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime won him a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, which remains an extremely rare win for a superhero film in one of the Academy’s major categories.

If you’ve already binged both Batman Begins and TDK on Netflix and are in the mood to complete the trilogy, then you’ll have to hop over to HBO Max to catch The Dark Knight Rises, or else you can rent or buy it on whichever VOD platform you prefer to use. Alternatively, if you weren’t aware that two of the Christian Bale Batman movies were up on the service and haven’t streamed them yet, go correct that mistake right now.