Here’s How Ironheart Could Look When She Debuts In The MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Following Avengers: Endgame wrapping up the story of the original generation of heroes, the likelihood is that Phase Four will introduce a lot of new blood into the MCU. There are numerous heroes that fans are keeping their fingers crossed for, too – e.g. Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye – but one that seems more needed than a few others right now is Ironheart. After all, Iron Man is no more, so the MCU needs to fill the void with another Iron avenger who’s totally different from Tony Stark, right?

On that note, say hello to Riri Williams, the teen prodigy introduced in the comics back in 2016. Reddit user Ghost 1007 has now created an impressive piece imagining how Ironheart could look on the big screen, which seems to be inspired by the character’s redesign from artist Kevin Libranda in Eve Ewing’s Ironheart series, after Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato originally created her with a more classic Iron Man-esque look.

Evidence has been mounting for a while now that Ironheart is on her way to the MCU, with numerous rumors and reports pointing to Riri making her live-action debut very soon. We Got This Covered’s own sources have claimed that Ironheart is Marvel’s top choice for how to replace Iron Man and the character, an African-American young woman, would definitely gel with Kevin Feige’s plans to make the MCU a more inclusive, diverse franchise over the next few years. Plus, Robert Downey Jr.’s also a fan!

As for other young heroes. we heard back in January that a Young Avengers movie is in the works, featuring characters such as Iron Lad, Hulking, Miss America and more. However, more recent info from our source says that the project may have been retooled as a Disney Plus TV series instead. It remains to be seen whether Marvel will find a home for Ironheart in a film or a TV show, but the signs are certainly pointing to her arrival all the same.