Incredibly, fans are already furious over ‘Morbius’ post-credits scenes


Big fat spoilers for Morbius from the very first sentence lie ahead…

In case you were thinking that we’d suddenly traveled forward in time by a week, rest assured that we have not. Morbius doesn’t release until a week on Friday, the review embargo hasn’t lifted, and the first wave of social media reactions have yet to arrive in any sort of meaningful capacity.

However, the latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has already been trending for all the wrong reasons, and now fans are getting themselves worked up over the post-credits scenes. Of course, we should stress once again that people technically aren’t supposed to be talking about how Morbius ends, but this is the internet.

As per the reliable leaks that have dogged every single one of Sony’s Marvel movies, the Morbius stingers have been revealed, and the news is confusing to put it lightly. Despite being slapped all over the marketing, and even spending extra time on set doing some last-minute reshoots, Michael Keaton has apparently been cut from almost the entire film.

Instead, he shows up in a pair of credit sequences to name-drop Spider-Man, and lay some more groundwork for the inevitable Sinister Six spinoff. As you can see from the reactions below, folks are already pissed.

In essence, Sony have plucked a resurgent and massively popular actor straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heavily hinted across almost every slice of promotional material that he’s got a significant role to play, only to dump Adrian Toomes into the end credits.

The knives are already out for Morbius, and this definitely isn’t going to help.