Independence Day Sequel Gets Official Greenlight And Release Date From Fox


Hang on, didn’t we already know that a sequel to Independence Day was on its way? Yes, we did. That’s largely due to the fact that the history of the sequel is as mammoth as the blockbuster franchise itself. The back and forth between original director Roland Emmerich, stars Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, and the endless haul of writers brought on to rewrite the script have been heavily documented. After a brief gap of roughly five weeks since the last update on the alien follow-up, the big kahuna hath arrived; 20th Century Fox has officially said yes to the movie.

The folks over at Deadline announced the news today. In their report, the outlet revealed that the studio has production set to commence in May 2015 in order to meet the film’s projected release date – June 24, 2016. This weekend would mark the 20-year anniversary of the 1996 original, which lit up the 90s box office taking in approx. $815 million worldwide. The report goes on to confirm earlier rumours that Will Smith is unlikely to be back, but failed to mention any other stars set to make a return.

Taking a step back, to consider the future of the entire franchise, it seems Fox has only greenlit one movie. Back in September 2012, Emmerich  spoke out about the sequel being split into two parts, under the imaginative titles ID Forever – Part 1 and ID Forever – Part 2. Whether the studio has decided against the division, or are just hedging their bets at this stage is unknown. It seems probable that the success of the first sequel would directly influence the existence of more. But, again, this is all idle speculation.

For now, it’s encouraging to hear that the sequel is on track. Fox heads are currently securing Emmerich’s return to the director’s chair. Once he has signed on the dotted line, the casting process for the Independence Day sequel shall commence.

Tell us, who do you like for the flick? Does the idea of new blood excite you, or would you prefer Goldblum and Smith back kickin’ alien butt? Let us know folks.