Titles Revealed For Independence Day Sequels, Films Will Be In 3D

It’s actually been a few years since rumours broke regarding not one, but two sequels to 1996’s blockbuster smash Independence Day, with reports that Will Smith was on board quickly dashed by those to the contrary and then back again.

Well, regardless of what stars will be returning, director Roland Emmerich seems to have revealed the titles for the two follow-ups as ID Forever – Part 1 and ID Forever – Part 2.

Frankly, these titles seem more akin to the direct-to-video variety than those for high profile sci-fi blockbusters, but considering the global drawing power of Will Smith (if he were to officially join), they can call the Independence Day sequels whatever the hell they want and still rake in a heap of cash.

In his interview with filmstarts Emmerich also all but confirmed the struggles between himself, the studio and desired actors saying:

“This is still a long way [away] a tough battle between the studio and the actors. But you have a right idea, which was quite unique, and it is therefore worth it to keep trying.”

Emmerich in addition dropped the not-so-surprising tidbit that the Independence Day sequels would be post-converted to 3D. The filmmaker attributes the decision to Fox, as he himself remains “a sceptic” regarding the format and wishes to shoot the films his way and have the studio toy around with the final product as they see fit.

The sequels will be a “package” said Emmerich, meaning that we’ll likely see a continuing arc over the two films, perhaps even being filmed back-to-back as seems to be a popular choice these days with a series of sequels planned in advance.

But as the man said, the Independence Day sequels are still a ways away and may never come to fruition if the stars don’t line up (or in this case sign up).

What do you think about the titles, the 3D or these projects in general?