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‘Indiana Jones 5’ forces ‘Crystal Skull’ defenders out of the woodwork, but they haven’t got a vine to swing on

Clearly, the sins of the fridge-nuking blockbuster haven't been forgiven.

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
via Lucasfilm

At long last, the slow build towards the eventual reveal of the first full-length Indiana Jones 5 trailer is underway, with the recent drip-feeding of images and plot details gradually edging us towards the maiden footage everyone’s expecting to play before Avatar: The Way of Water when James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel comes to theaters in a matter of weeks.

Everyone involved is saying all the right things so far, but at the very least, Indy fans everywhere will be hoping and praying that Harrison Ford’s final outing proves to be vastly superior to Kingdom the Crystal Skull. While the fourth installment does hold a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score of 78 percent, that doesn’t exactly tell the whole story.

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull
via Lucasfilm

Not only is the user rating substantially lower after upwards of 250,000 users determined it wasn’t worth any more than a 53 percent audience average, but Crystal Skull remains one of the internet’s most-hated movies. The terrible CGI, one-dimensional characters, underwhelming story, and anything involving Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams tends to raise the ire of the online community, but a brave band of Redditors have nonetheless stepped forward to try and state the case for a reappraisal.

It’s a bold move, and unsurprisingly one that isn’t working. Suggesting that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull “isn’t that bad” is tantamount to cinematic sacrilege in certain quarters, and it’s an opinion being vehemently rejected as we speak. Hopefully, Indiana Jones 5 will right the many wrongs of its predecessor, and leave the fandom firmly in agreement that the iconic archeologist’s swansong is everything they hoped it would be and more.

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