‘Indiana Jones 5’ has officially wrapped shooting

indiana jones

Less than a week ago, veteran producer Frank Marshall let everybody know that production on Indiana Jones 5 was nearing the finish line, and he wasn’t lying.

Marshall has now taken to social media once again to offer an update on Harrison Ford’s final outing as the iconic archeologist, and this time he’s drawing a line under principal photography.

As you can see below, there isn’t so much as a sniff of a potential working title (or even Indiana Jones 5, for that matter), but at least we know director James Mangold has called it a wrap.

Now the hard part begins, with Indy’s proposed swansong set for an extensive overhaul in the editing room, unless of course Mangold is taking things back to basics somewhat by foregoing the CGI overload of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in favor of more tangible backdrops and practical effects.

Having been delayed by almost an entire year, the Indiana Jones 5 crew at least have plenty of time to hammer the finished product into shape, with the whip-cracking adventurer not due back on our screens until June 30, 2023. By then, fifteen years will have passed since Crystal Skull, but as a wise man once said; it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.