Indiana Jones 5 Title Reportedly Revealed

indiana jones

A new rumor may reveal the title for Indiana Jones 5. With production having begun on the much-anticipated fifth – and probably final – chapter in the saga of the iconic archaeologist, fans are desperate for more info on what Indy has in store next. Some reliable plot details have already arrived, but much is still under wraps. Including the title of the movie. The latest leak, which initially circulated on Reddit, could potentially tell us what the film will be called, however.

As recounted by YouTuber Mr. H Reviews, this leak claims that Indy 5 is titled Indiana Jones and the Order of Elysium. The YouTuber reached out to his own sources who “75%” confirmed that this is indeed what the movie is called. The exact meaning behind this title has yet be revealed, but this leak does share lots more about the storyline, which mostly gels with what we already know about the film. Though, of course, it could still just be fan fiction.

It’s previously been reported that Indy 5 will be based around the Space Race of the late 1960s, with Mads Mikkelsen’s villain being a Nazi scientist pressed into working for NASA. This leak claims that Mikkelsen’s character is named Schroder and he’s part of a secret scheme to turn back time so that Germany wins World War Two. This would be achieved by a macguffin called Die Glocke, which is powered by a energy source known as he Chronos Stone.

So far, little is known about Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s female lead, but this leak argues that she’s playing a British journalist called Clara who is looking into Schroder’s activities. This leak also notes that Indy would be working against the U.S. government on this one, as they’re the ones employing Schroder and funding his experiments. What’s more, John Rhys-Davies is said to return as Indy’s old pal Sallah.

Again, this leak could be onto something or it could be way off the mark. We’ll just have to keep paying attention to set pics to see what else they can tell us about what we can expect from Indiana Jones 5, coming to theaters next June.