Why Avengers: Infinity War’s Ending Couldn’t Overcome The MCU’s Biggest Weakness


Avengers: Infinity War is not a good film. There were too many things going on and it all happened too fast for anyone to care. The pace was blistering yet somehow the movie felt a lot longer than its 2 hour and 40 minute run time. Iron Man’s latest suit wasn’t that impressive, and Spider-Man’s new suit was just ridiculous.

The best part of the movie, Josh Brolin’s human portrayal of Thanos, felt like an MVP performance on a losing team. So good, and yet so disappointing since it couldn’t change the overall outcome. Not that it could of anyway. The biggest problem of Infinity War is something that started before Ultron, got worse after Civil War and will likely continue after the arrival of Captain Marvel.

No, it isn’t Hawkeye. It’s a pathological fear of change.

There’ve been 19 films in the MCU universe, and the stakes have never felt lower. Sure, they seem high in the movies. Earth is often in danger of being obliterated by a nuclear warhead, invaded by an alien race or wiped out by a sentient artificial intelligence. It’s just all of that would be a lot more exciting if it ever appeared that the Avengers would fail in their mission to save mankind unscathed. Except they did at the conclusion of Infinity War. Or did they?