International Halloween Trailer Sees Laurie Go Toe-To-Toe With Michael Myers


You’ve seen the spooky posters and watched as The Shape haunts Haddonfield once more, but tonight, Blumhouse has rolled out the official international trailer for Halloween, which is all about Laurie Strode going toe-to-toe with her old nemesis.

Because even after 40 years spent in captivity, Michael Myers is still the ominous force of nature we first met in ’78, and this afternoon’s trailer reveal is living proof that director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride have honored John Carpenter’s original classic in every which way. Moreover, did you spot the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it callback to Halloween II? We’ll give you a clue: it involves Haddonfield resident Mrs. Elrod.

Suffice it to say, Halloween is the kind of movie that will be discussed ad naseaum for its Easter eggs and deep-seated horror legacy. And if you’re still itching for another preview of the October pic, up above you’ll see the official international trailer for Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel.

Like we mentioned before, this particular promo is framed as a totally different trailer, as we see more footage of Laurie Strode preparing for the inevitable run-in with Michael Myers.

We’re happy to report that the shrill Halloween theme music from John Carpenter is still intact, and the ways in which it ebbs and flows throughout the trailer really helps amplify the sense of dread. It just wouldn’t be a Halloween movie without some form of soundtrack from Carpenter, and it’s since been reported that the legendary composer has cooked up a “fresh and inventive” mix for Michael’s homecoming. And if Laurie Strode has her way, it’ll be his last…

Halloween delivers a potent blast of nostalgia-fuelled horror on October 19th.