International Posters For Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Land As Spinoff Movie Elects New Composer

Stemming from those recent reshoots, it appears that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be singing to a slightly different tune come December.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that decorated composer Michael Giacchino, the musical mind involved in The Incredibles, Inside Out and Paramount’s rebooted Star Trek franchise, has now come aboard to score the upcoming Anthology film, supplanting Alexandre Desplat behind the scenes. Indeed, the extended shoot is to blame for Desplat’s departure, who bowed out following a scheduling conflict.


In what quickly became one of the most heated topics of the summer – for the film industry, at least – Rogue One reportedly underwent fairly extensive reshoots a few months back, when writer-director Tony Gilroy was ushered in to oversee the shoot along with the post-production process. Firm details are still sketchy, but all signs point to Disney and Lucasfilm ordering the reshoots in a bid to brush up tonal issues. It’s still the same film, according to lead star Mads Mikkelsen, though the big question remains: Will we ever get some insight into those purported production woes further down the line?

Switching gears to more positive news and a pair of new international posters have now landed for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hailing from Japan, they’re a far cry from Photoshop masterpieces, but ought to stir excitement nonetheless.

Promising a very different and more realistic affair – thanks in large part to Edwards’ cinéma vérité style of documentary filmmaking – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is earmarked for launch on December 16. It’ll be followed in quick succession by Star Wars: Episode VIII which will, according to Kylo Ren himself Adam Driver, have more in common with Empire Strikes Back than initially thought.

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