The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Benedict Cumberbatch’s Met Gala Outfit


We’re used to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a bold outfit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Stephen Strange, with his blue threads, red cloak and fabulous Infinity Stone accessory, but the British star proved he’s no slouch in the fashion department in real-life either at this week’s Met Gala.

The event encourages the best and brightest of Hollywood to be as attention-grabbing as possible with their dress sense and Cumberbatch definitely achieved that, at least going by the reaction on social media. Fans of the Sherlock and Avengers: Endgame star couldn’t get enough of Cumberbatch at the Met Gala, which he attended with his wife, Sophie Hunter. Or the real royal couple, as some were calling them.

See for yourself below:

Sure, Doctor Strange has a cloak and Sherlock has that scarf, but have you seen Cumberbatch’s cane and grandma slippers?

Hold on, is that brooch he’s wearing the Time Stone? Good idea keeping it on you, Ben. Thanos is always showing up at these sort of events.

Is anyone else getting Jurassic Park vibes here?

Or maybe something a bit more sinister?

Cumberbatch was also loving the attention at the event’s afterparty, as seen below:

Honestly, I see no difference between these photos and Cumberbatch’s tiny cameo in Avengers: Endgame. 

Though he’s already appeared in the world’s biggest movie ever (well, it will be any day now), Benedict Cumberbatch has numerous other roles coming up this year. Watch out for him in Cold War spy thriller Ironbark, as the voice of Satan himself in Amazon’s Good Omens and as part of the all-star ensemble cast of Sam Mendes’ 1917. He’s not done with Marvel, either, as Doctor Strange 2 is expected to arrive in the next few years and is currently in development.

Suffice it to say, fans of the actor have much to look forward to.