The Internet Now Wants To Cancel Hamilton


With so many streaming services available these days, choosing which ones to put your money down on can be difficult at times. Sure, Netflix is the most widely used and probably still has the best content, but it’s also losing a lot of big titles to the other players. Especially when it comes to Disney’s own service, Disney Plus, which has now taken a ton of great movies from the big N and added them to their platform instead.

When it comes to original content, D+ is still lacking, true, but they are making strides to fix that and just this past Friday they added a recorded version of the beloved musical Hamilton, which shot to the very top of Disney Plus’ trending chart. But it seems not everyone’s happy with the arrival of the Broadway smash.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, cries to ‘cancel’ Hamilton have recently sprung up online, with many people taking issue with celebrating a man who traded slaves. And below, you can see just a sample of what folks are saying over on Twitter:


Of course, not everyone feels this way and you can find just as many – if not more – who are happy to celebrate the play and sing its praises. After all, it’s an excellent production across the board and despite your opinion on the man at the centre of it all, you can’t deny that it’s a stunning achievement and one of the very best musicals out there. And its success both on Broadway and now on Disney Plus just goes to show that it’s resonating with so many people in a positive way.

But tell us, what do you think of Hamilton? Do you agree with those who want to cancel it? Or are they taking things too far? As always, let us know down below.