The Internet Is Already Asking Netflix For An Enola Holmes Sequel

Enola Holmes

Any time Netflix releases a big, glossy original movie that’s clearly been designed to draw in the widest audience possible, people almost always tend to flock to their social media accounts and start demanding a sequel the very same day the title in question arrives. Whether you call it enthusiasm or entitlement, subscribers often bombard the streaming service with pleas for further adventures almost as soon as the credits have faded to black.

As a financially-driven company that’s actively on the lookout to gather as many franchises under their roof as possible, Netflix are usually happy to oblige, especially this summer when Extraction, The Old Guard, Spenser Confidential and Project Power both dominated the Top 10 most-watched list and left themselves wide open for sequels.

The latest Netflix Original set to act as the launchpad for a multi-film series is Enola Holmes, which only debuted today and is already proving to be massively popular. The literary adaptation is also riding a wave of critical acclaim, and users are now calling for Millie Bobby Brown’s title character to return for further outings, as you can see below.

Enola Holmes is the sort of light-hearted romp accessible and enjoyable for all demographics that we haven’t really seen since Joe Cornish’s underrated box office bomb The Kid Who Would Be King landed with a thud last year, which is probably the reason why the major studios don’t really tend to make those kinds of movies much anymore. Netflix is an entirely different animal, though, and it looks like the leaders in the streaming wars have found another exciting property ripe with franchise potential to add to their portfolio.