The Internet Wants Netflix To Make A Hubie Halloween Sequel

Hubie Halloween

The Adam Sandler Movie is basically a subgenre unto itself at this point, and you know exactly what you’re going to get. The actor and his usual roster of supporting players will all come together and have a great time in a glossy mid-budget studio comedy that focuses on easy targets and wacky characters, one that certainly looks like it’s a lot of fun to shoot, but that enthusiasm and camaraderie don’t always translate to the screen.

Despite repeatedly churning out different spins on the same content over and over again for a very long time now, Sandler doesn’t really tend to do sequels, with the notable exception of his voice role in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. In fact, before Murder Mystery 2 was officially announced late last year, Grown Ups is the only one of his star vehicles that’s ever been granted a follow-up.

His particular brand of comedy might not be for everyone, but you have to at least admire the 54 year-old’s determination to focus on original projects when he could have easily churned out multiple sequels to the biggest hits of his career. At the moment, Hubie Halloween is currently dominating the Netflix Top 10 most-watched list and while it remains to be seen if Sandler will end up doing do a second one, fans are already crying out for more of Hubie DuBois, as evidenced by the tweets below.

Sandler hasn’t settled on his next project yet, but given that he enjoys complete creative freedom as part of his exclusive deal with Netflix, it seems more likely that he’ll be developing an all-new movie as opposed to revisiting the world of Hubie Halloween. Sequels have never been his thing, after all, and there’s more mileage in making something fresh instead of returning to the same well over and over again.