Adam Sandler’s New Movie Is Already The #1 Film On Netflix

Adam Sandler

Move over Enola Holmes, the king of Netflix‘s Top 10 most-watched list has returned to reclaim his crown. Star Millie Bobby Brown may have been seizing her fair share of the headlines in recent weeks as the acclaimed mystery caper broke records around the world and is surely poised to be revealed as one of the streaming service’s biggest original titles when the data is collected, but the wildly popular literary adaptation was merely keeping the top spot warm until Adam Sandler returned.

Subscribers have already spent billions of hours watching Happy Madison content, and it seems as though every single one of his movies finds itself in the Top 10, so it should hardly come as a surprise that Hubie Halloween is already Netflix’s number one film despite only being released yesterday. We gave it a decidedly middle of the road review, but the critical consensus has never stopped Sandler at the box office, so it’s hardly going to present any obstacles in the world of streaming.

Most people were surprised a few years back when it was first announced that the 54 year-old would be taking his talents exclusively to Netflix, but both parties have consistently reaped the rewards. The streaming giant gets the bump in subscribers and huge viewership numbers that greet every Sandler release, while the Uncut Gems star continues pocketing a steady paycheck for hanging out with his friends to shoot incredibly mediocre and yet overwhelmingly popular movies.

The only question left is how long Hubie Halloween will manage to hold onto the top spot, with The Haunting of Bly Manor debuting tomorrow and looking to capture the imagination of audiences desperate to be scared out of their seats in the buildup to Halloween.