“This will be like a car crash”: Fans react to Nicolas Cage as Dracula

nicolas cage

With Nicolas Cage being revealed as the new Dracula in Renfield, the internet has naturally produced some spectacular reactions.

Check out some of these takes from around the internet.

Cage’s casting apparently made some people’s day, according to Chucky and The Final Destination star Devon Sawa.

Fans also drew similarities between Cage as Dracula and Vampire’s Kiss, an over-the-top 80s movie where Cage plays a publishing executive that gets bitten in the neck. In Vampire’s Kiss, Cage believes he has become a vampire and starts wearing fake fangs, despite the lack of any actual physical transformation.

Twitter was also quick to jokingly point how seemingly immortal the man seems to be.

Regardless of how Renfield turns out, we should be in for some delicious memes from Cage’s performance. Are you excited for the movie or Cage’s turn as Dracula? Let us know in the comments!