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The Internet’s Trying To Cancel Mark Ruffalo For Backpedaling On His Comments

This week, the internet's set its sights on Mark Ruffalo, with the actor being 'cancelled' for backpedalling on recent comments.

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Another week and another celebrity finding themselves caught in the crosshairs of cancel culture. Only this time, it’s an unlikely candidate.

Mark Ruffalo is generally considered one of the more widely loved A-listers out there, with the Hulk actor amassing a huge fanbase of Marvel followers for his work in the MCU and boasting a solid list of non-comic book movie credits as well. Indeed, he’s an accomplished star and his goofy and good natured persona have endeared him to many. But he’s also known to be pretty outspoken when it comes to politics.

Just recently, he waded into the Middle East situation with some comments that were a bit controversial, and earlier this week, he apologized for what he said and backpedaled, as you can see below.

Though Ruffalo was only trying to calm the storm that was swirling around his remarks, he actually seems to have made things worse and now, tons of people are calling for him to be ‘canceled’ for his actions, as evidenced below.

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Of course, none of this will have much of an impact on Ruffalo’s career. As mentioned above, each week seemingly brings a new target for the cancel culture crowd and rarely, if ever, does anything happen to the celebrity in question. That being said, the Hulk star would probably be wise to keep a bit of a low profile for the next few weeks until this all blows over.

As for where we’ll see Mark Ruffalo next? Well, he’s got Netflix’s The Adam Project on the way and will soon make his MCU return in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk. And given his talents and general standing in Hollywood, you can be sure that many more projects will be coming across his desk for the foreseeable future – whether the cancel culture crowd likes it or not.

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