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Mark Ruffalo Issues Apology For Controversial Social Media Posts

Mark Ruffalo has taken to Twitter today to offer up an apology for previous posts he made that were a bit controversial.

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By all accounts, Mark Ruffalo seems like a pretty good guy and generally well liked amongst his peers and fans. The latter is certainly true, after the actor’s Hulk became one of the MCU’s most beloved characters. His goofy and cheerful nature has earned him a lot of goodwill in Hollywood over the years, but he’s now been forced to issue an apology for some social media posts that were a bit controversial.

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Though he didn’t specifically mention any one post, the actor noted that he’s reflected on his comments on the current situation in the Middle East and said he wants to apologize for what he shared. And you can read his statement in full down below.

Of course, Ruffalo is far from the first big name to wade into the debate on what’s going on in the aforementioned region and by all accounts, he doesn’t seem to have suffered too much of a backlash. At least not compared to some of his peers, like Gal Gadot.

In any case, and politics aside, Mark Ruffalo has a busy couple of years ahead of him in Hollywood. The actor recently wrapped Netflix movie The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds, while he’s also currently hard at work on filming his MCU return in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk. And after that? Well, IMDb list a couple of other projects lined up for him, meaning we’ll be seeing a lot of the star on our screens in the near future. Which is perfectly fine with us.

Tell us, though, are you happy to see Mark Ruffalo issuing an apology here? Or did you never really have a problem with his comments in the first place? Let us know down below.