Mark Ruffalo And Ryan Reynolds Share A Moment In New Photo From Netflix Movie

Ryan reynolds

Mark Ruffalo may have won a legion of new fans after replacing Edward Norton as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Bruce Banner before going on to become the definitive version of the Hulk over the last decade, but despite enjoying massive success in mega budget comic book blockbusters, at heart, he’s still the permanently ruffled hangdog character actor that’s quietly built up an acclaimed body of work over the last three decades.

The 53 year-old has racked up three Academy Award and three Golden Globe nominations, found himself on the shortlist for a Tony, scooped two Emmy and two Screen Actors Guild Awards and was even up for a Grammy alongside Bernie Sanders after they collaborated on spoken word album Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

The point is, if you’re looking for world-weary gravitas and a permanently lived-in expression, then Mark Ruffalo is your guy. He might only be nine years older than Ryan Reynolds, but he’ll soon be seen playing the Deadpool star’s father in Netflix time travel movie The Adam Project. The leading man revealed new images from the production just yesterday, and his co-star has now followed suit, as you can see below.

Ruffalo will be at the center of The Adam Project‘s narrative, with Reynolds’ pilot teaming up with a younger version of himself to unravel a wide-ranging conspiracy that their shared dad is right at the center of, while they’ll obviously need to try and stop the end of the world for good measure, too. The high concept sci-fi has been filming since November, and while it most likely won’t reach Netflix until next year, it’s still guaranteed to be a smash hit for the streaming service based solely on the talent involved whenever it eventually arrives.