The Internet’s Going Crazy For Tom Holland’s New Movie

Tom Holland

When Marvel Studios first announced that Joe and Anthony Russo would be directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, many people were left perplexed. After all, the siblings hadn’t helmed a feature in eight years, and that was critically panned rom-com You, Me and Dupree.

However, it would be fair to say that the Russos have more than assuaged those doubts after tackling four Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters, all of which received strong reviews, won praise from audiences and did massive business at the box office. And now that their stint in the MCU is over, it’s time for them to establish themselves as acclaimed filmmakers outside of their comic book comfort zone.

Semi-autobiographical crime thriller Cherry scored a limited theatrical release two weeks ago, and it’s debuted on AppleTV+ today, with the streaming service having shelled out a hefty sum to acquire the rights. It was originally pegged as a potential awards season contender, and while star Tom Holland‘s performance has been singled out as a high point, the response has been pretty underwhelming so far.

Cherry currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 43%, with the Russos being accused of heavily favoring style over substance. Despite the lukewarm consensus, though, viewers appear to have gotten a real kick out of it nonetheless, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

This is the second weekend in a row to deliver a new Tom Holland movie, but Cherry is at least poised to fare better than YA adaptation Chaos Walking, which sat on the shelf for years only to debut last Friday and sink at the box office amid terrible reviews. Luckily, the young actor also has a surefire smash hit coming in December when Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives.