Iron Man And Spider-Man’s Moment In Avengers: Infinity War Is One Of The MCU’s Most Important Scenes


Let’s Talk About That Emotional Spidey/Stark Scene

If you’ve seen Infinity War, you know the moment in question. Over the film’s two hour plus runtime, we’ve watched as Thanos bats our favorite heroes aside to “balance” the universe. To do this, he wants to kill half of its population using the power of the Infinity Stones, thus (supposedly) improving the lives of the living remainder.

As the battle of Wakanda reaches its climax, Thanos finally completes his mission at the cost of Vision’s life. Then, despite Thor’s efforts, the warlord manages to snap his fingers, and innumerable beings fade out of existence, including our favorites: Groot, T’Challa and Doctor Strange. But the worst is yet to come.

On Titan, the Guardians of the Galaxy turn to ash, and the same begins to happen to Spider-Man as well. Perhaps warned by his Spider-sense, Peter realizes that his death is coming and begins a much slower disintegration. He grasps at Tony Stark, tearfully pleading “I don’t want to go!” Yet the wounded Iron Man can only watch in horror as his young protégé fades away in his arms.

But what is it about this gut-wrenching scene in Infinity War that makes it stand out so much?

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