Is Jason Momoa no longer playing Aquaman in the DCU? The rumors, explained

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The internet is abuzz with rumors about Jason Momoa and his future within the DC Universe. Over the last few days, fans have been wondering if the new hierarchy at DC Studios will mean that the beloved actor will be dropping the role of Aquaman. Rumors are also flying around suggesting that Momoa won’t exit the DC Universe once his Aquaman stint is up. In fact, some internet whispers suggest he might jump into a new (and hotly anticipated) role within the franchise.

But what is confirmed, and what is merely conjecture? Here is everything we know so far.

Is Jason Momoa still playing Aquaman in the DCU?

As previously reported on We Got This Covered, and originally shared by The Hollywood Reporter, the change in management at DC Studios is causing a lot of behind-the-scenes shake-ups. There is currently a rumor floating around that suggests the new management’s desire to wrap up the Snyderverse-linked characters and plotlines will lead to characters like Aquaman not returning after their currently finished movies have been released. On top of this, several sequels in early production, like Wonder Woman 3, have been canceled. 

It should be noted that this does mean that Momoa will still be playing Aquaman in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, and that this movie will still be released as scheduled on December 25th, 2023.

Will Momoa take up a new role in the DCU?

The second part of these rumors suggests that Momoa will not be done with the DCU when he hangs up the Aquaman costume. According to reports previously covered on We Got This Covered, some at the studio have suggested that Momoa transition into a new DC role, that of fan-favorite character Lobo

Fans have been crying out for the violent interstellar anti-hero bounty hunter to get a film for many years. The character has made countless appearances in DC media, being a fixture in the games and animated series and even making the jump to live-action in the often-overlooked series Krypton. 

It should be noted that these reports suggest these discussions are only in the early stage, and nothing is confirmed at the present time. Behind-the-scenes events could lead to these plans falling through or the new bosses at DC Studios opting to take a different approach. However, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility to think that, even if the studio doesn’t want to continue with the Snyderverse-linked Aquaman films, they will be keen to keep Jason Momoa on board due to the actor’s immense popularity.