It wouldn’t be Spider-Monday without a rumored ‘No Way Home’ leak

spider-man: no way home

Spider-Monday hasn’t gone off without a hitch, but it’s not really Sony or Marvel’s fault that the servers of the big theater chains can’t handle the sheer volume of traffic from fans desperate to secure their tickets for one of the earliest Spider-Man: No Way Home showings.

You can understand why, when it’s inevitable that those to make it to the cinema earlier in the day will be regaling Twitter with the minutiae of the plot from the second they return home, making it almost impossible for anybody to go online on December 17 unless they want all of the surprises ruined.

It hasn’t helped that a cavalcade of so-called leaks and spoilers have been arriving on an almost daily basis, and we’ve reached a point where separating the theoretical wheat from the hypothetical chaff is close to impossible. However, as if right on cue, a new slice of scuttlebutt from insider Daniel Richtman claims to have offered up the post-credits scene of No Way Home.

Allegedly, we’ll see Tom Hardy’s Venom show up for a minute or two before he’s swiftly dispatched to his own Sony-branded universe, where they leave a little sliver of the symbiote behind to influence future proceedings. Naturally, this begs the question as to why the stinger of Let There Be Carnage would instantly be made redundant for the sake of a credits scene that ultimately serves no purpose, but that’s an argument for another time.