It’s Morphin’ Time On The Final Power Rangers Poster

It’s (almost) morphin’ time. After premiering the film’s final trailer, not to mention a series of action-packed stills featuring Rita Repulsa squaring off against our title heroes, a new Power Rangers poster has found its way online today that pairs each Ranger with their respective Zord.

Coming to us by way of Comic Book Resources, the crowded one-sheet offers up a cool action shot of all five heroes suited, booted, and ready to kick alien ass. Angel Grove is under threat, and it’s up to Lionsgate’s newfound team to fend off Rita Repulsa and her army of minions. They won’t do so alone; lending support to those sleek, neon guardians are Zordon and Alpha 5, the two otherworldly assistants to be played by Bryan Cranston and Bill Hader, respectively. Both have received fairly huge makeovers in anticipation of Dean Israelite’s reboot, but it’s all in an effort to ground Saban’s ’90s phenomenon in some semblance of reality. It’s a strategy we’ve seen ten times over, but can Power Rangers separate itself from the pack in a few weeks’ time?

Anchoring Israelite’s blockbuster as those iconic Rangers are soon-to-be Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger, along with Naomi Scott’s Kimberly (Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler’s Scott Billy (Blue Ranger), Becky G’s Trini (Yellow Ranger) and Ludi Lin’s Zack (Black Ranger).

Power Rangers opens on March 24th. Should Dean Israelite’s reboot fare well at the box office, Lionsgate has tentative plans in place for a whole new franchise based on Saban’s color-coded heroes. The reaction coming out of the film’s final trailer was mixed, to put it kindly, so only time will tell if Israelite’s redo can prove the naysayers wrong.

Power Rangers

Source: CBR