J.K. Simmons teases his future as Marvel’s Jonah Jameson

jonah jameson spider-man

J.K. Simmons finds himself in a very unique position, with the Academy Award winner playing arguably the two most iconic mustachioed comic book supporting characters in history at the same time.

That’s even more remarkable and impressive when you remember that it looked for a long time as though he’d never return as either Jonah Jameson or Commissioner Gordon.

Having chewed on the scenery as an undoubted highlight of Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy, Simmons made a surprise comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Far From Home, before following it up with a substantial supporting part in trilogy-capper No Way Home.

As for the DCEU, the veteran’s screentime was virtually non-existent in the theatrical edition of Justice League, but he did make a bigger contribution in the Snyder Cut.

Simmons even thought his stint as Gotham City’s police chief was over for good, before he was extended an invitation to join HBO Max’s Batgirl, which has most recently seen him shooting scenes with Michael Keaton’s Batman.

In an interview with Deadline, the 67 year-old was about as vague as you’d expect when addressing his MCU future, but he did hint that we could be seeing much more from the Daily Bugle chief in the future.

“Hey, I think I’m gonna be in more, so… Fingers crossed.”

Spider-Man 4 would be the obvious destination, but the franchise’s New York City has always been a hotbed for superheroic activity, meaning there are plenty of potential film and television projects in which Simmons could theoretically show up.

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