New Jack Ryan Film To Be Titled Jack Ryan: Shadow One


According to test screening reports, there will apparently be a trailer for the new Jack Ryan film arriving shortly. And, if these reports are to be believed, the title that Paramount is going with is Jack Ryan: Shadow One. Set for a release this Christmas, the film will be directed be Kenneth Branagh and feature Chris Pine as the titular CIA agent.

Said to explore the roots of the character, who first showed up on movie screens in The Hunt for Red October, Jack Ryan: Shadow One will pit Pine with Kevin Costner, who plays a CIA vet. Together, the two most stop a Russian oligarch (Branagh) who is “pulling the strings of the financial market and delving into international terrorism with potential global catastrophic results.”

Despite the terrible title, Paramount’s upcoming action/thriller seems quite promising. I like Pine a lot as an actor and he’s certainly proven his leading man chops in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and its sequel. Carrying another huge franchise shouldn’t be too difficult a task for him and with the supporting cast that’s been assembled here, he’ll have more than enough help. 

Jack Ryan: Shadow One will arrive in theatres on December 25th, 2013. Tell us, are you a fan of the new title or do you think it’s as horrible as we do? Let us know in the comments below.