New Jack Ryan Images Show Off Chris Pine And Kevin Costner

Chris Pine as Jack Ryan

Chris Pine as Jack Ryan

Two new images have been released from Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan, featuring both Chris Pine and Kevin Costner.

It’s been quite a while – eleven years to be precise – since we visited the world surrounding Tom Clancy’s character. In fact, if Jack Ryan was being considered for a job, he would have built an impressive résumé with the list of actors portraying his character.

The year 1990 offered Alec Baldwin’s portrayal in The Hunt for Red. 1992 and 1994 gave us Harrison Ford’s, with Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger respectively. In 2002, we saw Ben Affleck’s rendition in The Sum of All Fears. And now, 2013 is presenting Chris Pine as the popular, fictional financial analyst with Branagh’s version.

Jack Ryan will be an original prequel to the adventures experienced by the primary character in the previous movies. It will focus on the days before the financial analyst became involved with the CIA. The plot will see Ryan discovering that his employer is engaged in a conspiracy that can drastically alter the U.S. economy. The movie’s director, Kenneth Branagh, will assume the role of the antagonist, Ryan’s boss.

/Film reports that this reboot will take a different approach compared to the movie’s predecessors. I slightly recall Ford’s movies having a lot of action, with gun power and explosions. However, Jack Ryan will focus on Ryan being just an everyday, normal guy who finds himself in the midst of a criminal scheme. The movie’s action will be more of an intellectual battle, with Ryan’s intelligence as his weapon. With Pine playing the clever analyst, I think it will be interesting to see what he contributes to the character.

Jack Ryan is scheduled to be released at the end of the year on Christmas day. Check out the photo below and let us know if you’re excited to see the film.

Jack Ryan

Source: Indiewire

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