Jackie Earle Haley May Play Freddy In New Nightmare On Elm Street Remake

Nightmare on Elm Street

Shortly after the rights to A Nightmare on Elm Street reverted back to the estate of the late Wes Craven in September 2019, it was revealed that pitches for resurrecting Freddy Krueger were being actively invited, with both movies and streaming shows being considered.

There’s been no further word since, although you can guarantee that more than a few filmmakers will have sent their pitches across, while Host co-writer and director Rob Savage admitted last year that he had a great idea. That’s definitely an exciting prospect given that his found footage Zoom horror was one of the most accomplished genre films of 2020, and it holds a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

As of yet, there’s nothing officially in the works, but insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Jackie Earle Haley could return as the murderous sweater enthusiast. The studio apparently wants Robert Englund back, but should he decline the opportunity to reprise the role, Haley is said to be their next choice. Of course, the actor headlined the 2010 remake which did solid business at the box office but was largely panned by critics, with the dark and gritty update failing to realize that Freddy’s charisma is one of the key factors behind his popularity and longevity.

At 73 years old, Englund might not be willing or all that interested in committing to what would surely be the first of many planned films, but Haley could also be in the same boat given that he turns 60 later this year. In any case, the closest we’ve come to a new Nightmare over the last decade was when Orphan writer David Leslie Johnson was attached to script the project, but that was long before the rights lapsed back to Craven’s estate. And as much as the fans might not want to admit it, whenever A Nightmare on Elm Street is eventually rebooted, it’s probably best to hire a brand new actor for the iconic role to lead the franchise into the future.