Jaden Smith Is Super Excited About Robert Pattinson’s Casting As Batman

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman has had a bit of a troubled history, to say the least. Originally announced way back in July 2015 when Ben Affleck was attached to star, produce and direct, the production ground to a halt in the wake of the general apathy that greeted both Justice League and the wider DC cinematic universe at large. After much back-and-forth, Affleck decided to hang up the cape and cowl for good, with Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves drafted in as his replacement in April 2017.

Over two years later and The Batman still hasn’t shot a single frame yet, due to Reeves abandoning Affleck and Chris Terrio’s script in favor of starting from scratch, but is nonetheless scheduled for release in the summer of 2021. As is the case whenever a new actor is being cast as The Dark Knight, the internet went into a mini-meltdown when it was announced several weeks ago that Robert Pattinson would be playing the iconic character.

Some were outraged that the sparkly vampire from Twilight would be playing Batman, while others that had seen the number of impressive performances the actor has given in smaller movies over the last few years all agreed that it was a solid choice. And now, we have the only opinion that matters.

Jaden Smith, Twitter’s resident pseudo-philosopher, recording artist behind a song called “Batman” and owner of a white Batman costume that he wore to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, has finally broken his silence and given his thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s casting as the Caped Crusader. And he sounds impressed.

“Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what to say. Amazing things are happening every day that you don’t even know. I don’t even know. I’m at a loss for words with how excited I am for him. It has to happen. It has to f**king happen. He will be the best Batman. I’m losing my f**king shit.”

He certainly seems enthusiastic at the prospect, and there’s surely no chance that the anti-Pattinson camp would disagree with someone who once said “how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?”

In any case, Pattinson is currently shooting Christopher Nolan’s globe-trotting and top secret action thriller Tenet, but is expected to move on to The Batman once that movie wraps.

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