Jai Courtney On Suicide Squad 2: I Don’t Feel Like I’m Done With Boomerang


Are we getting a Suicide Squad 2? It’s the question that’s been on many people’s minds ever since Task Force X first burst into theatres back in August. Warner Bros. might be focusing most of their efforts right now on Wonder Woman and Justice League, and to a lesser extent, The Batman, but it’s eventually going to be decision time for the studio, as fans will only wait around for so long before losing interest in the property.

Admittedly, it’s not as if people are begging for a sequel, as Suicide Squad wasn’t exactly well received, but the film still had its fair share of highlights and if executed properly, a follow-up could bring Task Force X back into moviegoers’ good graces again. After all, fans responded well to most of the characters, it was really just the story, underwritten villain and lack of the Joker that derailed Suicide Squad in the end.

As such, a sequel could definitely work, and while Warner Bros. remains quiet on the matter (though earlier in the year they did show interest), one person who’s been vocal about making another entry into the series is Jai Courtney. He’s voiced his opinion on a Suicide Squad 2 in the past, and while speaking with us for an interview to promote his new film Man Down, the actor once again touched on the prospects of a sequel.

Of course, Courtney couldn’t say for sure whether we’ll be getting one, but he did tell us that he’d like to suit back up as Captain Boomerang as he’s not done with the character just yet.

“Listen, they keep their cards very close to their chest. I actually have no idea, I pray the answer is yes. I certainly don’t feel like I’m done with that character. I had a lot of fun playing him, and I don’t feel like anyone is done with that franchise, certainly not yet. So, I hope so, sooner or later. The studio is very busy at the moment, director David Ayer is directing something else at the moment, but I’m sure they have plans, just none that they’ve shared with me.”

Whether the actor is truly in the dark or he’s just sworn to secrecy is unknown, but given the fact that Suicide Squad made almost $750 million at the box office, we’re inclined to believe that we haven’t seen the last of Task Force X (money talks, right?).

As for the immediate future, we know that we’ll definitely be getting more of Harley Quinn in her very own spinoff, but that film won’t feature anyone else from Ayer’s DCEU outing. There’s always the chance that a few of the characters will show up in upcoming DC projects like Justice League or perhaps even The Flash, but if we had to guess, they’ll remain in the background until Warner Bros. is good and ready to do the inevitable, and formally announce Suicide Squad 2.