8 Characters We Want To See In A Suicide Squad Sequel


Before Suicide Squad arrived in cinemas, it seemed a certainty that the movie would spawn at least one sequel – and possibly several more, if rumours were to be believed. Now that critics and a sizeable chunk of the fans have savaged the film, however, it’s not yet known whether a Suicide Squad 2 is still on the cards.

The real test of a movie’s success, of course, is how much money it makes. Currently, Suicide Squad is closing on a pretty mighty $500 million. That’s quite a hefty amount of cash, but it should be remembered that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drew in $800 million at the global box office and still failed to warrant a sequel. We really won’t know the verdict on this one until a sequel is announced.

But, let’s take it for granted that a follow-up is on the way. As is the wont of superhero sequels, Task Force X would no doubt be expanded in a second outing, which leads us to ask the question of which characters we’d like to see fill out the team’s ranks.

And so, on that note, here are eight DC villains who we’d love to see appear in Suicide Squad 2.