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EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros. And DC Are Considering Multiple Suicide Squad Spinoffs

With Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice now out of the way, and X-Men: Apocalypse hitting theatres this week, all eyes are focused on David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad, the film that's hoping to get the DCEU back on track.

With Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice now out of the way, and X-Men: Apocalypse hitting theatres this week, all eyes are focused on David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad, the film that’s hoping to get the DCEU back on track.

Not that things are too bad mind you, but BvS obviously didn’t receive the reception that the studio was hoping for and given how well Civil War is doing, the pressure is on for Warner Bros. and DC to put the spotlight back on their cinematic universe.


So far, all signs point to Suicide Squad being a hit. Early reactions to the film have been overwhelmingly positive, calling it “insane” and “amazing,” and we already know that the studio has ordered up a Harley Quinn spinoff, which is a definite sign that they have confidence in both Ayer’s film and that audiences will resonate with it. But what else are DC and Warner Bros. cooking up in regards to Task Force X? Well, according to our source, they’re actually cooking up quite a lot:

“They’re going to do a sequel for sure, and the recently announced spinoff with Margot Robbie has got everyone excited, too, but their plans don’t end there. The studio is feeling very confident in the property. They think it’s going to be a really big hit and they think audiences are going to fall in love with these characters.

I’ve heard more than a few talks of giving some of the other Task Force X members their own spinoffs, and like the Harley Quinn one, these films would open the door for a ton of new DC characters to show up.

The Joker is a definite possibility for a spinoff, and Jared [Leto] seems up for it from what I’ve been told. They’re also really hot on Jai Courtney’s character Boomerang right now. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but you’re definitely going to be seeing a lot more of these guys in the years to come.”

Given that none of this has been confirmed by the studio (aside from the Harley Quinn spinoff), it’d be best to take it with a grain of salt for now. It does, however, make sense. If Suicide Squad truly is the huge hit that everyone’s been saying it’s going to be, then why not explore these characters a little further? The film clearly won’t have enough time to give each one of them the spotlight and by making spinoffs for even just the core group, DC can give audiences a chance to get to know them a little better, which will help them expand and flesh out their cinematic universe.

Again though, none of this is for sure and for now, we can only hope it comes to fruition. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was mediocre at best, but Suicide Squad truly does look to be a refreshing and unique comic book movie. It’s got a lot going for it and given everything we’ve seen so far, there’s really no reason to doubt that it will be able to get the DCEU back on track.

We’ll find out for sure come August 5th, but right now, we’re feeling pretty optimistic.

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