8 Female Characters We Really Want To See In The Harley Quinn Movie

Harley Quinn Banner

Seeing how much of a fan favourite Harley Quinn is, it’s surprising that it has taken DC so long to get the character on the big screen. She’ll finally make her belated cinematic debut in this August’s Suicide Squad though, and it seems that DC are keen to make up for lost time, as they’ve already announced that a spinoff movie based around Margot Robbie’s character is in the works.

The movie will also apparently feature other prominent female characters from DC comics, though no names have been announced just yet. Two who seem likely are Katana and Enchantress, Harley’s Task Force X teammates who will be played by Karen Fukuhara and Cara Delevingne, respectively.


But who else could appear? Harley is related to two groups of women vigilantes in the comics, namely the Birds of Prey and the Gotham City Sirens, so there are definitely a lot of potential candidates.

On that note, join us as we take a look at eight other female characters from the DC universe that we’d love to see appear in Harley’s spinoff film.