Jake Gyllenhaal Will Put On His Boxing Gloves For Southpaw


Originally housed at Sony and MGM, with Eminem attached to star, the boxing drama Southpaw has taken a few turns on its path to development. Now its with The Weinstein Company and instead of Eminem, Jake Gyllenhaal is being brought in to lead the Antoine-Fuqua directed film.

With a script from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, the story will follow “the rise of a lefty welterweight all the way to a championship title as he battles various tragedies in his personal life, and wins back the love of his daughter.”

Southpaw sounds like another great film for the actor, who seems to be making a lot of positive career choices lately. His last few performances (Prisoners, End of Watch, Source Code) have all been very impressive and it’s great to see that he’s hoping to continue his hot streak with what seems like a pretty promising project.

I mean, think about it, Fuqua/Gyllenhaal/Sutter, that seems like a pretty solid team to me. Both Fuqua and Sutter are known for their gritty, hard-edged projects and this story sounds like something that is right up both of their alleys. Throw Jake Gyllenhaal into the lead role and you have a great recipe for success.

Tell us, what do you think of Southpaw? Excited about Jake Gyllenhaal coming on board? Let us know in the comments section below.