The second Aussie James Bond? Chris Hemsworth stuns in photo shoot

Chris Hemsworth has wowed fans in a Hugo Boss shoot, with the Australian actor appearing in a snazzy tuxedo which he has posted to his social media channels. 

Hemsworth looking dapper in tux

With Daniel Craig retiring as James Bond, could the Australian actor take up the iconic 007 codename? No Time To Die has been marketed as Craig’s final Bond movie, and it has led fans to wonder who can take up the mantle.

Only two non-British actors have played James Bond, American actor Barry Nelson and Australian George Lazenby. Nelson played the role in the first live-action depiction of the super spy back in the 1954’s adaptation of Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale. Lazenby meanwhile played Bond in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which has been often considered the best James Bond movie, though Lazenby was the worst Bond actor. 

Lazenby caught the role after Sean Connery desired to step away from the franchise after 1967’s You Only Live Twice. Lazenby however only lasted one movie, with him having one of the shortest tenures as James Bond. Connery returned just two years later for another appearance as Bond in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. Connery later returned yet again as Bond in the 1983 remake of Thunderball, first released in 1965. 

Lazenby had cited his reason for leaving the franchise as being that the production of the planned sequel felt ‘mindless’ and lacking in creative input. 

Lazenby has since parodied his time as Bond and humorously taken his name being shorthand for a weak entry in a major franchise. The next Bond after him was Roger Moore, who maintained a friendship with Lazenby and confirmed that the Australian was very much in on the joke. 

Hemsworth meanwhile has redefined himself in his acting credits, with recent appearances in more comedic roles such as Men in Black: International, the ill-fated Ghostbusters reboot, and the Taika Waititi reinvention of Marvel Comics character Thor for Thor: Ragnarok. Could he reinvent yet again and take on the Bond role? This photoshoot suggests he has the perfect look for the pop culture behemoth role.

Hemsworth commented in the past on the James Bond role and told Balance in 2019 “I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who doesn’t want to have a crack at James Bond.” Hemsworth also said he considered his 2013 performance in Rush as his “audition tape.” However, because Hemsworth is set to star in 2022’s Thor: Love & Thunder he may be hesitant to pick up another major franchise role. We’ll just have to wait and see!