James Fargo Fostering A Remake Of Every Which Way But Loose

Every Which Way But Loose

Though it was always considered a dark horse amid strong competition, Clint Eastwood’s Sully, a biopic that documented the Miracle on the Hudson in truly gripping fashion, was perhaps one of the biggest snubs from this year’s Oscar nominations. Punters and moviegoers alike believed Eastwood was set to get the nod for Best Director – following up on the triumph of American Sniper three years ago – while lead star Tom Hanks was also in the mix for Best Actor.

Alas, those early predictions proved to be way off base, but Deadline is reporting that a dormant comedy from Eastwood’s back catalog is set to receive a new lease of life. Its name? Every Which Way But Loose, the 1978 romp that involved Eastwood starring opposite a lovable orangutan named Clyde. A $95 million box office haul was enough to warrant a sequel – Any Which Way You Can, for those keeping track – though we now have word that original director James Fargo is spearheading a remake of the ’78 cult comedy with writer-director Anthony Cohen.

“I have been interviewing directors for over a year and as soon as I watched Cohen’s film The Sex Trip … I knew instantly he was the right director for this picture,” Fargo told Deadline. “I was very impressed with his film and his directing style.”

Every Which Way But Loose is officially being prepped for the remake treatment, and fans of the original can take solace in the fact that Fargo is on board to oversee production. Filming is expected to get underway later in 2017, but will his involvement lead to cameo appearance from Clint Eastwood himself? Time will tell.

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