James Gunn Addresses Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Disney Plus IMAX Changes

Fans were thrilled when it was first revealed that IMAX-enhanced versions of countless Marvel Cinematic Universe movies were being added to Disney Plus, but not all of the filmmakers behind the projects in question have been quite as enthused.

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson voiced his displeasure at subscribers being able to stream his contribution to the mythology in a format he’d never intended for home viewing, but he’s since had the chance to see it for himself, so he’s updated his response in kind, as you can see below.

Knowing his penchant for responding to queries on questions on social media, James Gunn was also asked for his thoughts on the matter, and the Guardians of the Galaxy architect offered a lengthy and eloquent reply of his own.

At the end of the day, the regular version of each IMAX-enhanced title is still available on Disney Plus, but it’s nonetheless interesting to hear what the talent responsible have to say on their films being refitted and reformatted years after release.

In many cases it all comes down the quality of your home setup, but at least Derrickson has somewhat changed his tune about the MCU making changes to his vision that he never had the option to sign off on.