James Gunn Shoots Down Common Avengers: Infinity War Soul Stone Theory


Other than where’s Hawkeye, and maybe, where’s Ant-Man, the biggest question hanging over Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War as we quickly approach release is where’s the Soul Stone? Indeed, it’s the last of the elusive gems that’s unaccounted for, as the other five Infinity Stones, the all-powerful items that Josh Brolin’s villain will aim to accessorize his Infinity Gauntlet with in the film, have all been revealed.

Just to jog your memory, those are the Space, Reality, Power, Mind and Time Stones. But that pesky Soul Stone, which is said to be the most potent of them all, is nowhere to be found. All we really know is that it’s orange in colour, while there’s also a widely-circulated fan theory that the locations of the Infinity Stones spell out the name Thanos, which could give us a clue as to its whereabouts. For instance, T is for Tesseract (Space), A is Aether (Reality), N is Necklace (Time), O is Orb (Power) and S is Scepter (Mind). That would mean the Space Stone is linked to something beginning with H.

One of the many ideas floating around the web as to who may have it points to the Soul Stone residing with Adam Warlock (originally known as Him). After all, the heroic super-powered alien is tied into the mythos of the Infinity Gems, as they’re called in the comics, quite heavily. In particular, the Soul Stone is housed in his forehead, much like Vision and the Mind Stone.

It didn’t look like this would happen, though…until a post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 featured Ayesha of the Sovereign creating Adam. That really got fans speculating, but it seems like they may have been on the wrong track as the film’s director, James Gunn – who’s also quite involved with Infinity War – has now debunked the theory. Responding to a Twitter user who said he was 99% sure the Soul Stone’s with Adam, Gunn said that he’s 99% incorrect. And frankly, we’re inclined to believe the director.

After all, it’d be a tall ask to introduce another important character into Avengers: Infinity War when there are already so many to juggle as it is. There really is no room for him in the pic and while we suppose there is a chance that Gunn’s lying here to throw us off the scent, it doesn’t seem likely. Especially since he’s usually a pretty honest and upfront guy.

One way or another, though, all will be revealed in just a few weeks, when the event movie to end all event movies crashes into theaters and changes the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever.

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