James Gunn tells DC trolls blasting him for promoting the enemy to ‘get used to it’

james gunn the guardians of the galaxy holiday special
via James Gunn/Twitter

The sky is blue, water is wet, and every single conversation involving the comic book genre will devolve into Marvel vs. DC tribalism eventually. It’s a fact of life we’ll never be able to escape, and things have somehow conspired to get even more heated since James Gunn was installed as the co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran.

While the news in isolation is massively exciting, some DC defenders aren’t best pleased that the person tasked with shaping the franchise’s future for the next decade and beyond has been actively promoting the Marvel Cinematic Universe everywhere they go, which obviously comes with the territory when The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special having only released last Friday.

It’s not going to stop either, with the intergalactic misfits rounding out their trilogy next May when Vol. 3 finally comes to theaters exactly six years to the day after its predecessor. Once the publicity trail is done and dusted, Gunn can finally focus all of his energies on DC, but he’s got some strong words for his detractors in the meantime.

Loosely translated, the tweet reads as “great director of DC Studios promoting the brand” with a sarcastic emoji, as if Gunn is going to shill Marvel’s latest Special Presentation by talking up his future as the head of the competition. He’s even reminded fans that it’s possible to enjoy both, but we can expect the negativity to continue right up until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits the big screen.

Until then, we’ll be seeing the filmmaker fielding both Marvel and DC-related questions on social media, which is a completely fair thing to do when he still has one foot firmly in both camps.