James Gunn’s R-Rated Idea For A Hitman Movie Was Turned Down By Producers

Hitman Sapienza

Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed were supposed to break the video game movie curse, but both ended up being major disappointments last year. However, when you look back at previous adaptations, two which stand out as being particularly bad are Hitman and Agent 47.

The first was R-rated and the second went down the PG-13 route, and neither were very successful. They each made a lot of really poor creative decisions, to put it lightly, and while the video game series is doing quite well, it’s now hard to escape the feeling that we’re never going to see a decent big screen take on the property.

Someone who we imagine probably could have done a pretty good job with Hitman though is James Gunn, and he recently revealed on social media that he tried to pitch an R-rated version at one point before being shot down by producers.

It’s unclear when this happened, though if it was after the release of the 2007 film, that could explain why producers were reluctant to move forward on another R-rated version. Chances are it was also before Gunn proved himself as a bankable filmmaker with the wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014.

Still, it’s definitely a shame to think we missed out on the director’s take on Hitman, and now that he’s firmly entrenched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, chances are we’re never going to see it happen, especially as the franchise has pretty much been completely soured in the eyes of moviegoers by this point.

Who knows, though? Perhaps one day Gunn will get his chance to take a stab at Agent 47. It just wouldn’t be any time soon.