James Gunn’s update on DC’s imminent future inevitably leads to a barrage of backlash

james gunn the suicide squad
via Warner Bros.

Despite only being in the job for a matter of weeks, James Gunn will have fully resigned himself to the fact that anything he says or does regarding the short and long-term future of DC Studios is going to be met with a barrage of backlash.

That comes with the territory when you’re a top-level executive in Hollywood, especially one that’s got a long and storied history with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, never mind the instant dismantling of the SnyderVerse from almost the second he got his foot in the door.

The comic book fandom is largely defined by tribalism, which is arguably especially true when it comes to DC, so nobody in their right mind should have been shocked to discover that the filmmaker’s recent tease of major developments coming down the pipeline led to an outpouring of agitation in the comments and replies.

Speculation is already running rampant as to what the mystery unannounced TV series could be, but if Gunn’s writing it, we’ve got the feeling it’ll be tied to the Peacemaker universe somehow. After all, there was chatter a while back that Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller would be getting her own episodic spinoff, and it’s not as if the Guardians of the Galaxy architect is going to rock the boat right out of the gate by sending an A-grade hero or iconic figure to the small screen as one of his first orders of business.

We’ll just have to wait and see, though, even if patience is not a virtue much of the DC supporter base has in spades.