James Mangold To Direct The Gunslinger

After helming the abysmal action-comedy Knight & Day, director James Mangold seems to be returning to what he knows best. According to The Playlist his new film The Gunslinger is a contemporary revenge Western about a Texas ranger who goes out to punish and kill the men who killed his brother.

Josh Brolin’s name has been thrown around in relation to this, and the project is expected to begin shooting in Spring so any casting news will be arriving pretty quickly. This will probably see Mangold turn his attention back to the Western trappings of his very fine remake of 3:10 to Yuma, although the ‘contemporary’ element is certainly interesting and new.

Mangold is a very solid filmmaker and has made some very good films, Walk the Line and Copland among them. He is certainly one of the most diverse filmmakers working today and shifts genres and styles as lucidly as Stanley Kubrick did, so we’ll definitely keep you updated on any more details.