James Wan Explains Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Aquaman Reshoots


Though reshoots are completely normal for most big budget blockbusters, the term takes on a new meaning when it comes to the DCEU – and understandably so. But in the case of Aquaman at least, there’s most likely no reason to worry, as with so long to go before the film hits theaters, WB ordering up a bit of additional photography shouldn’t raise any alarms.

After all, we’ve heard some pretty good things coming from recent test screenings, with only one report pointing to a few minor issues that can easily be fixed up with a round of reshoots. Especially one that’s taking place well in advance of release. And so, the fact that Aquaman is indeed heading back in front of the cameras shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Still, that hasn’t stopped the usual rumors from cropping up online and here to put an end to all that is director James Wan.

Taking to Twitter, the filmmaker assured us that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and, as we said above, reshoots are totally normal. He also addressed the fact that Aquaman was seemingly adding in a new character – Dr. Shin – so late in production, saying:

I didn’t add a new character now, Dr Shin was in the script since day one. I had cast Randall a year ago in Aust (I’m a big fan of his/love FOTB), but I didn’t shoot his stuff till now. Hence, it’s literally “pickups” w him.

I’ve directed 9 features over the course of my career thus far, & only ONE of those (Death Sentence) didn’t have additional photog/reshoot. On SAW, I dumped buckets of blood on @LWhannell’s head. On Conjuring2, I added the Demon Nun. On Furious7, I had Dwayne drive an ambulance.

Though we can understand why these reshoots may make some fans nervous, what Wan says here is sound. Besides, given the creative pedigree on display, and the impressive cast (including Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Temuera Morrison and, best of all, Dolph Lundgren), it’s looking pretty likely that the director will both satisfy his corporate masters at Warner Bros. and turn out a kickass superhero film.

Either way, the DCEU sinks or swims with the success of Aquaman. If it’s another giant dud for Warner Bros., I’d expect all future projects in the universe to be shelved with the exception of Wonder Woman 2. If it’s a success, well, then let’s just hope that they’ll be able to keep up the momentum with what they’ve got coming down the pipeline.