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James Wan’s R-Rated Horror Malignant Will Launch Day-And-Date On Streaming In China

This may be the first time an R-Rated US horror film has received distribution in the country.


James Wan’s return to the horror genre launches this weekend in some regions and not only will audiences in the United States be able to catch the terror, but for what may be the first time, China will be allowing an R-rated US horror movie to score distribution in the country.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Wan’s latest film Malignant will be released simultaneously around the globe, including China being available on streaming services in the country on the same date as the theatrical release in the US.

Not only will Chinese fans be able to catch the film from home, but it also launches in both cinemas and on HBO max in the US on the same date Friday, September 10th.

Horror movies have been granted distribution rights in China before, however, these have been PG-13 titles while Wan’s R-rated film worked closely with Starlight Media implementing cuts that would make it possible to air within the country. It isn’t clear how extensive these cuts to the film have been, though given its premise they likely weren’t too drastic.

Starlight Studios partnered with Chinese digital distributor Jetsen Huashi on the release of the film. Malignant follows Anabelle Wallis’s character Madison who is tormented by visions of gruesome murders which worsen when she discovers these waking dreams are actually terrifying realities.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the Chinese release of the movie will take place over multiple streaming services run by major internet companies and telecoms. These include iQiyi, Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Broadcast Network.

Malignant will be available both in cinemas and via streaming tomorrow, Friday, September 10. 

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