Jamie Foxx Celebrates Project Power Becoming Netflix’s Most Popular Movie

Project Power

Netflix plans to win the streaming wars in pretty straightforward fashion by providing content that’s superior to all of their competitors, and while that’s a lot easier said than done, the industry leader has backed up their words by delivering a string of huge successes over the last few months that have dominated the most-watched list.

Extraction and The Old Guard are poised to launch multi-film franchises, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods marked itself out as an early awards season contender, the debut runs of  TV shows Warrior Nun and Cursed will lead to multiple seasons, and even terrible movies with 0% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes have generated plenty of buzz, with both The Last Days of American Crime and 365 Dni reaching the number one spot on the Top 10 list.

The latest high-profile Netflix original is superhero thriller Project Power, with fans already demanding a sequel the very same day it was released, and the movie’s writer has even admitted that he has plenty of ideas for where the story could be headed next. Suffice it to say, it’s been a big win for Netflix and Jamie Foxx recently took to social media to celebrate the action-packed blockbuster becoming the platform’s most popular title.

All signs point to a Project Power sequel being given the green light in the very near future, but before that, Foxx will be seen in an entirely different kind of superhero movie should the Spawn reboot finally manage to get in front of cameras. Not to mention he’s also been hitting the gym hard for a Mike Tyson biopic. Still, the Academy Award winner’s fate at the end of the story made it look very likely that he’d be back for any potential follow-ups and we can only hope Netflix announces one soon.