Jamie Foxx And Kevin Hart May Team Up For The Black Phantom

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Funnyman Kevin Hart has been having a pretty stellar year so far. Both Ride Along, Hart’s January action comedy with Ice Cube, and About Last Night, his modern romantic comedy, earned generally positive reviews and became runaway box-office successes (Ride Along had the highest opening gross ever in the month of January). With rom-com sequel Think Like A Man Too set to give Hart three for three this June, it doesn’t look like he’ll be fading away from the multiplex anytime soon.

Today, Variety is reporting that Hart is close to signing on to star alongside Jamie Foxx (who, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rio 2Horrible Bosses 2 and Annie on the way, is looking at a very successful 2014 himself) in Screen Gems’ action comedy The Black Phantom.

The studio is also currently in talks with Ride Along director Tim Story to helm the flick, with Will Packer and Will Gluck on board to produce..

The project follows a mob hitman who, once double-crossed by his colleagues, calls on the expertise of The Black Phantom, the same hitman assigned to kill him. It’s unconfirmed which actor will take which role, but unless writers Dave Lease and Megan Hinds are aiming to subvert clichés, I’d imagine that the more imposing Foxx will play the title character, and that Hart will star as the hitman who enlists his help.

Snagging both Hart and Foxx for the same film would be a huge win for Screen Gems, which already has a flourishing relationship with the actors. Hart’s comedies Think Like A ManAbout Last Night and Think Like A Man Too have all hailed from the studio, and Foxx’s The Spider-Man 2 and Annie are both being overseen by Screen Gems’ parent company Sony.

Hart and Foxx both have strong comedic abilities, though their styles are very different, so it would likely be a lot of fun to see them trade barbs (and probably blows) throughout The Black Phantom. If Screen Gems locks the pair and Story into place, I’d imagine we’ll be seeing the film hit screens in mid-2015.

Tell us, do you want to see Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart team up?

Source: Variety