Halloween Watch Party With Jamie Lee Curtis And John Carpenter Happening This Weekend


A favorite pastime has developed during this quarantine period – the watch party, with stars and fans alike all viewing a movie simulataneously and tweeting about it on social media. And here’s one that horror lovers will want to join in with.

Universal Pictures has organized a watch party this Saturday for 2018’s Halloween and Laurie Strode herself, the icon that is Jamie Lee Curtis, is taking part. Curtis is far from the only creative involved with the film set to tweet along to the experience, though. Original director and composer John Carpenter and producer Jason Blum will be watching, as will star Judy Greer (who played Laurie’s daughter, Karen). And not one, but two Michael Myerses – James Jude Courtney and veteran performer Nick Castle will be there, too. The official hashtag for the watch party is #HalloweenAtHome.

2018’s Halloween was a major relaunch for the franchise, disregarding not just Rob Zombie’s rebooted series but also every single previous sequel in the saga. Set forty years after Michael Myers’ attack on Haddonfield, it followed the mature Laurie, who’s been training her whole life to face her tormentor again, protecting her daughter and granddaughter Alyson (Andi Matichak) from the silent serial killer.

It was such a hit for Blumhouse that two follow-ups are on the way to form a trilogy. Halloween Kills is already shot and on course to release this October, though obviously there’s a chance things could prevent it from opening. The plan is for Halloween Ends to then arrive in fall 2021, concluding Laurie and Michael’s rivalry for good, apparently.

But we digress. To take part in this Halloween watch party for yourself, make sure to find your own copy of the movie and press play at 1pm PT/4pm ET on Saturday, May 16th.